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2019 Christmas Clinic

When: Dec 26 & 27 from 12-2:30pm
Where: Fairview Park rec (Gemini Center)
Who: Boys/girls 3rd - 8th grade

How to register:
1) go to and click on "Ohio"
2) click on "Fairview Park recreation"
3) click on "Register" and then "Programs or activities"
4) click on "Youth Programs" and then "Phil Argento Winter break camp"

This 2 day clinic will provide players a chance to keep their skills fresh over the holiday break. There will be a mix of fundamental skills we will work on as well as timed contests and head to head competition. Players will be grouped by grade/skill level so they get the maximum benefit of whatever skill we are working on. Walk-ups are always accepted but please contact me ahead of time. Also, please BRING A BALL both days!


Phil Argento's Shooting Camp

When: July 8-10 from 12:30 to 3:00pm
Where: Lutheran West HS
Who: Boys/girls 3rd grade & up

This 3-day camp will focus entirely on shooting. No ball-handling, no defense, no 1-on-1....all shooting. If you want to change your shooting form or improve your accuracy then this is the camp for you. The following areas will be worked on:

  • Shooting form including footwork, legs, hand/elbow/body alignment and follow-thru
  • a variety of form shooting drills
  • shot ready stance
  • shooting on the move (with and without the ball)
  • foul shooting
  • 3-point shootingconditioning shooting drills


Each camper will perform a large volume of repetitions each day with the goal of shooting as many "perfect form shots" each day of camp. The amount of work it takes to develop into a consistent shooter will also be stressed. There will also be shooting competitions throughout the camp and prizes will be given to the winners. There will be a limit on the number of campers so please register soon.

Phil Argento's Offensive Skills Camp

When: July 15-17 from 12:00-3:00pm
Where: Lutheran West HS

Who: Boys/girls grades 3rd & up

The offensive skills camp will focus on the offensive side of the ball. The goal is to learn how to become a more effective and complete offensive threat with and without the ball. Campers will be drilled in a variety of areas and will be tested by going head-to-head against other campers. The following areas will be worked on:

  • Shooting form (technique, stationary & moving shooting) 
  • Ball handling (stationary & moving single and 2 ball drills, change of direction and change of pace drills and knowing when to use both)   
  • Triple threat (how to set up, read and attack the defense)   
  • Moving without the ball (understanding change of pace, setup moves and making proper cuts)   
  • 1 on 1 moves (attacking the defense off the dribble)   
  • Creating space (how to relieve pressure & be less predictable)   
  • Ball screens (proper setups and coming off ball screens)

Understanding how to develop a workout routine will be covered, as well as stressing the importance of maintaining a high level of conditioning, becoming a stronger & quicker player and setting goals.



Phil Argento's Ball-Handling/Finishing camp

When: July 22-24 from 12-2:30pm
Where: Lutheran West HS
Who: Boys/girls 3rd grade & up

The ball-handling/finishing camp will focus on a variety of different aspects of ball-handling as well as different ways to finish against the defense at the rim. As with all of my camps there will be contests incorporated into the skills we're working on as well as t-shirts for everyone. Some of the areas that will be covered are:

  • Stationary ball-handling (non-dribbling, dribbling & 2-ball drills)
  • Moving ball-handling (single & 2-ball drills)
  • "Shake n Bake" drills (involve change of pace, angles & rhythm)
  • Ways to deal with on the ball high pressure defense
  • 1-on-1 moves off the dribble w/ counter moves
  • Layups (single foot, 2 foot takeoff, reverse, leaners, floaters, air dribble jumpstops, eurosteps, up n under, up n sidestep, Rondo layup & more)



    Pricing for the 3 camps listed above: 

    1 camp - $90, 2 camps - $160, 3 camps - $230

    (please make checks out to Phil Argento jr)
    Please email to register for each camp. A printable registration form will be uploaded shortly. Remember to BRING A BALL to each camp!!!




















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