Phil Argento Jr.
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Lessons (available year round)

    The formula to becoming a good player is doing individual workouts and playing against tough competition.  Both of those ingredients are needed to develop into the best player possible.  Some players do not know how to go about forming their own individual workout routines.  My goal is to help each player form their own routines so that they can work hard on improving in a variety of areas.

Individual Lessons

Cost: $35/hr

Individual lessons will only be 1-on-1 instruction.  Lessons can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. I use Fairview Park rec center (Gemini center) for all training sessions. 100% of my attention will be on your child. Workouts will cover a variety of areas, but will definitely focus on the areas of weakness.  Instruction, form drills and timed drills will be among the many tools I will use to help your child improve.  Since different areas will be covered in each workout, the workouts change from week to week. An example workout would look like this:

15 min-ball handling (includes stationary & moving drills)
15 min-form shooting (includes stance, hand placement, follow-thru)
20 min-skillwork (will vary based on ability & age of the player)
10 min-form shooting/conditioning (usually finish with form shooting & a conditioning drill each workout)

The areas of concentration will be the following:

  • Shooting
      • footwork
      • stance
      • shoulders
      • proper hand position on ball
      • proper forearm, elbow, wrist position
      • follow-thru
    • MOVING (with and without the ball)
      • footwork
      • timing
      • being balanced
      • hand placement
  • Ball handling
      • single ball drills
      • two ball drills
      • 1-on-1 moves
    • MOVING
      • single ball drills
      • two ball drills
      • timed drills
      • half and fullcourt game speed drills
  • Creating space
    • the purpose of working on this area is to create space in the bringing the ball upcourt and also to create space for a shot
    • a variety of techniques will be covered based on the ability of the player
  • 1-on-1 moves
    • focus will be on developing moves and countermoves to beat your defender
    • proper fakes, timing and reading the defense will be taught
  • Moving without the ball
    • learn how to set up the defense
    • learn how to read the defense and make the correct cut
    • learn how to always be shot ready when utilizing a pick
  • Ball Screens
    • focus will be on setting up the defense and reading how they play the screen
    • similiar to reading a screen without the ball, but the reads will be slightly different
    • shot ready position will be stressed once again
  • Conditioning
    • essential aspect to becoming an elite player
    • a variety of running & foot quickness drills will be used
    • great players are always in great shape

Small Group lessons (2-6 players)

Cost: $25-30/player

The small group lessons are for players who desire to compete against other players in their workout.  The same skills as an individual workout will be worked on, but head-to-head competition will be added in some cases.  No more than 6 players will be in a small group workout so that each player still receives personal instruction.  Groups will be formed based on ability and/or grade level.  Small group workouts can be an important role in taking the next step as a player once a certain skill has been learned in individual workouts.

-Individual & small group lessons are available YEAR ROUND-

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